Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ten Things I Learned This Weekend

1. Season 4 of The Office was everything I hoped it would be and more. Jackie and I watched the last three disks this weekend. Watching the writers being interviewed at the convention was a nice treat afterwards. I didn't think the thing with Holly had much traction for me to get interested in how it will develop in season 5. The thing with Phyllis will definitely be exciting to watch play out. Will she tell Andy? Crazy!

2. Waiting for the full version of GarageBand to download is a bitch, and the end result is a let down. The horn and string sections are lame. The synth textures have a wide variety, but you'll need to make your own adjustments. Only try a whole note of Mykonos Movements if you have time to kill. You'll know what I mean.

3. Nori, a sushi place in Columbia Heights, serves the best steak I've ever had at a restaurant. Try the Hong Kong Steak, medium, and dodge the bay leaves.

4. I am big brother. I just got the NBC 4 Traffic Cam app on my phone, and now I can pull up any DOT camera in the area. If someone gets the app and does one of those image loops by putting their phone in front of a DOT camera, I will "owe you one."

5. Bush 41 wants Jeb Bush to become president someday, according to the Associated Press. An interview with Senior reveals a wish that has the possibility of coming true. Jeb is a hugely popular former Governor from an important swing state, Connecticut. Er, Texas. Wait, Florida? That's right, he's from Florida. Born and raised I can only assume. Does anyone know if he has a Cuban accent?

6. The central heating in my house hums at B flat. And at a tempo of 1.5 bpm.

7. Israel has unmanned aircraft technology. Apparently so does Hezbollah. And I'm guessing a few sponsored paint ball teams as well.

8. Bill Richardson is bowing out as the Secretary of Commerce nominee. There's some drama going on about some New Mexico business deal, according to, which would have delayed his nomination and, arguably, the rebound of the US economy. So Bill, thanks for getting out of the way, and I sincerely hope you're not another on the laundry list of recently exposed corrupt public officials.

9. Slumdog Millionare is pretty good, even three rows from the screen. I was surprised to see that the younger actors were expressive and believable. Plus, it's refreshing to have an ending that is unpredictably predictable.

10. Christmas trees are survivors. But sadly I have to put mine out tomorrow night. We can all learn lessons from the life of a Christmas tree. Balance is important. Fakes are lame. Drink plenty of water. And always remember, every dog has his day.


Max Nova said...

1. Nice work noticing the hum of the heater. There was something on I think RadioLab about the inherent notes in everything.
2. I wish I was sitting a bit to close during Rachel Getting Married. I didn't realize going in that it was shot basically with a hand-held cam, or something that simulates it very well.
3. Friday Night Lights is finally starting up again soon. NBC has screwed that show almost as bad as Fox screwed with . . . well every one of their shows that was not King of the Hill. But hopefully it'll survive another season or two.

NotCharlieCrist said...

Jeb doesn't have a Cuban accent, but his wife does. He has an oddly midwestern sound to his voice, not at all faux-southern like Geo Jr.