Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ticketmaster Fail

Talking smack about how terrible Ticketmaster is feels like shooting fish in a barrel, but as I'm standing next to this barrel with a loaded weapon, here goes.

There's nothing on the face of it wrong with either high service charges or just hiding charges in tickets, but a few details revealed when I buy tickets from ticketmaster drive me nuts.

Facilities Charges - Okay, let's break down what the money for a ticket to a performance goes to. The performer gets some money, certainly. Also, ticketmaster gets their cut either on the ticket or in their ridiculous add on charges. Then the rest goes to the venue. This is fine, it's how capitalism works, I give them money and they use it to pay their staff and buy supplies/food/booze/equipment/etc and pay rent and taxes. So why do they get to charge an extra buck as a facilities charge. Shouldn't that be part of the money going to the damn venue. That is the facilities charge already. Maybe I should just pay a subset of the money directly to a band and they could play in the street.

PDF Printing Charge - Ticketmaster does not charge you to mail the ticket, but does charge you to pick it up at will call or most bafflingly, for you to print it yourself. This is like a phone company charging for every text message. Oh wait they do. Well okay, it's like a company charging you to send email. The tickets are in an automated pdf. They already exist. Mission tix doesn't charge me anything to print my tickets, so you can't claim that it's some intellectual BS. Instead ticketmaster charged me a few bucks to do their job for you. And yet getting tickets in the mail, which costs ticketmaster money the envelope, ticket paper, ink and the postage, is free. Oy!


Stephen said...

The barter system should exist online.

Where a website says "$25 DAVE TICKETS."

And then you can respond "no no, you pay meee to see Dave."

And then the computer says "that's what I meant."

And then you're all like "uh, well, how about $35?"

Simple, instant supply and demand.

Scotty said...

Now THERE is an idea... a free market for tickets! Or rather, do it Dutch auction-style: "Okay, we're releasing 900 tickets for this 9:30 club show... they're up on eBay, highest bidders take 'em..."

As for Ticketmaster... they charge because they can. And it really comes down to: is it worth the gas and time to drive to the venue to circumvent the fees?

Jackie said...

Actually Max they charge $4.00 to mail it to you. At least that's what I just paid.