Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bye For Now Sarah Palin

I can't not mention that to celebrate her tireless dedication to the AIP, Mrs. Sarah Palin has resigned from the Governorship of Alaska. Her rational goes something like this: "I am not running in 2012, and sometimes people do bad things as lame ducks, so I'm going to dodge that bullet all together and quit midway through my term." I will leave it to Oz to provide the legal-eagle Latin phrase for this kind of logic (retardius stupidius?) but I just want to mention that she has taken this "politics" game to the next level. Back in the old days people running for President would often build up a resume of political experience by holding successively higher offices. Palin has finally broken that cycle of tyranny and quit office before the evils of politics destroy her mindgrapes.

Another fun fact from her speech (watch it, really, she's on some next level shit here), is that she decided to ask her kids now if she should still be governor. Now, some politician would talk with their kids before running for office, not midway through. But not Sarah, she's a maverick, and her basically works like the Israeli Knesset. When little Twig gives you a vote of no confidence, you just gotta take you knocks.

So in closing, since I hope never to see her ever again, I'd like to say that this woman and her family are the worlds most effective PSA for contraception. And I would never hire her for any job, because she is America's biggest quitter.


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Elizabeth McFadden said...

Fascinating. I think my favorite part was that long muddy basketball analogy, that, insofar as I can tell, didn't really express a thought.

But to be fair, I can rarely figure out what Palin is trying to say, so this isn't new.