Monday, July 13, 2009

A Long-Awaited Answer

Months ago, we at the Roundtable were asked if we were to change the ending of any movie, any movie in the world, what would it be and why. And I agonized over this one. I thought and thought and racked my little movie-going brain until it was sore, but I could not think of one. Of the hundreds of movies I've seen in my lifetime, I could not think of a single film for which I would actually make the effort to change the ending.

So the Roundtable came and went unanswered, but the question stayed with me. If I could change the ending of ANY ONE movie, what would it be? And I had all but forgotten about my agonizing quest for the answer until today, just now, as I was walking out the door. I know EXACTLY which movie I would change.

One of the single most horrifying moments in my life was the first time I watched Pretty in Pink the whole way through, in which Molly Ringwald takes that beautiful vintage dress her friend gives her and cuts it up to make the ugliest 80s prom dress imaginable. It has no shape, it has no form or movement; it basically looks like she fell into a shiny pink sack.

I would change that to never happen. I would redesign the dress to still be 80s ugly-appropriate, but in a good way. Not a heart-stopping, horrifying sack of pink way. Not in a way that would make the future B.Graham never want to watch the movie again because the ending is sad to the point at which only movies like Selena and The Fox and the Hound should be.

Run, dress! Run while you still can!! She's not even happy about it.


AZ Winer said...

but... what about those yellow slippers!!! even ugglier???

B.Graham said...

THOSE can be explained away by the fact that SHE DIDN'T WEAR THEM TO HER PROM

Ozkirbas said...

Pink is the color of evil

Jason Heat said...

the fox and the hound is one of the saddest movies ever

Daniel said...

i'm with jason, i want to hear more about the fox and the hound.