Saturday, July 4, 2009

Colorful Umbrellas in the Sky

Normally when you envision plans for the holidays, the last place you want to see yourself ending up is on a plane. It conjures up images of missing your family, departure gate mishaps, and Home Alone numbers 1 & 2. One Fourth of July, though, that's exactly where I found myself - and it's one of my favorite holiday memories.

The summer after my freshman year of college, my boyfriend was spending the summer just outside Boston with his family. He was working for his high school's summer theatre production and I was spending 45 hours a week in Baltimore working as a swim instructor at a summer camp, so we didn't have very many opportunities to see each other. Fortunately, the 4th was my one day off over the summer. As it happened to fall on a Monday that year, I booked a round-trip ticket to Massachusetts. Naturally, I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible, so my return flight was later in the evening on Monday.

I don't remember a single detail from that weekend. I'm sure I spent some time with his family, and there's a good chance we barbecued, but I really couldn't tell you for sure. What I do remember is the plane ride home.

Because planes fly tens of thousands of feet in the air, and your typical fireworks display shoots 500-1000 feet high. I can't tell you how amazing it was to look out the window and see so many fireworks shows taking place below. It was so unique. Each burst looked like a colorful, sparkling umbrella unfolding suddenly beneath us.

I normally consider myself lucky if I get to see any fireworks at all on the 4th, but that day I got to see at least 10 displays, all the way down the coast of the Mid-Atlantic. It was incredible.

Pretty cool country we have, huh?

Happy Fourth of July, everybody.

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