Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gaming for Charity

Last night I discovered that web-based game wizards The SpeedGamers were planning to run through every Final Fantasy game in the course of 7 days. For those of you familiar with these giants of the role-playing industry, you know this is no easy task. However, as they took down the original Final Fantasy in just under 6 hours, and look to be coming in on beating the sequel in the space of the same day, I have faith they can do it.

Their undertaking itself isn't nearly as important as why they are doing it. The marathon is being held to raise money for ACT, Autism Care & Treatment. My oldest nephew is autistic, and thus this cause is quite near to my heart. I donated what I could when I found out what was going on. I'd like to encourage others to do the same. It's estimated that autism may affect as many as 6 out of every 1000 children in America. While there are many forms and degrees of autism, it universally impedes the ability of individuals to interact with others. Early diagnosis and treatment can lead to greatly improving their lives while we look for a cure.

The playthrough also features live comments from people watching, and commentary from the gamers themselves. It's exciting and entertaining, all for a good cause.

You can watch and donate online at:


Also, this is hardly the first example of gamers using their mad skills for the purpose of raising money. Gamers across the country have banded together annually for Penny Arcade's Child's Play charity. Child's Play donates games, books, toys, and money for sick children all over America. You can find out more about Child's Play at

Until next time, enjoy the show.


Jstone said...

The video game charities are the best. There was one where these guys played the worst game ever made, a school bus driving simulator, for days on end. If I could spare a single dollar today I would but I guess I'll have to wait for Child's Play...and a job.

David Pratt said...

Just as an update on this;

The Speedgamers are now almost halfway through their gaming regimen. Also, having already surpassed the $20,000 mark, they have raised their goal to $50,000.

I hope some of you are among the contributors to this worthy cause.

Ozkirbas said...

SWEET! Smack in the middle of FF7