Friday, July 10, 2009

Fun Freakin' Friday

It's Friday. Lunch Time. You're caught in one of three situations:
1) You're at work. You're Bored.
2) It's your day off. You're Bored
3) You're unemployed. And, at this point, you don't know what boredom feels like any more because you've been bathing in it to the point where, very much like lukewarm bathwater, you don't know where you end and it begins. And it's made you pruny.

And, hey, that's ok. We at These Gentlemen want to thank you, Gentle Readers, for investing your time and energy in us. Because we care about your amusement. We are here to entertain you, after all. Which is why we've uploaded this Public Service Announcement on bear attacks . Because you never know when one could happen, Gentle Readers. And, we at These Gentlemen care about your safety. These Gentlemen - Art. Poltics. Life.


AZ Winer said...


what is today?

BEAR DAY???!!!???

First this:

and then this!:

and now Oz writes about this!!


Ozkirbas said...

With Ozkirbas, everyday is bear day.

Capt. said...

And people laughed at me when I bought that bear spear. "You'll never need a bear spear" they said. "When was the last time you saw a bear" they said. "We told you to stop watching the Home Shopping Network at 3AM" they said.

Ozkirbas said...

@ Capt. - YES!

I prefer option C) A larger bear. AKA - John Ozkirbas. What's up.

Jstone said...

I pretty sure Oz is a bear. Am I wrong? Have I been misreading the signals?