Thursday, July 9, 2009

Midday Pick-Me-Up

A little Thursday lunchtime treat;
Ten Things That Are Hilarious No Matter What:

- Chuck Norris jokes
- dirty euphemisms
- embarrassed or angry cats
- the cabbage patch dance
- laugh snorters
- spit takes
- puns
- people tripping, falling, running into walls*
- people tripping, falling, running into walls naked**

* this is actually only funny if they make that huge "I'm falling!" face and either fall in total silence or with a shrill "Oooh!"
** this is actually the funniest thing that could ever happen


Alex said...

I like that the tripping/falling/running is into walls and not down stairs.

Dennis said...

People who don't like puns do not understand life in the slightest.