Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Things I learned from the Michael Jackson tribute service and concert

MJ reaches down from the heavens.
And we are blessed.

After listening to Mariah Carey, Lionel Ritchie, Usher, and that girl from American Idol all sing.
After listening to Queen Latifah read a Maya Angelou poem.
After listening to Al Sharpton take an opportunity to shamelessly rant.
After listening to John Mayer play awful music.
After listening to every Jackson brother try to steal attention for themselves.
And after watching Brooke Shields cry before she even opened her mouth...

after all that I learned about Michael Jackson:

Michael Jackson was Jesus.
Michael Jackson fed the hungry.
Michael Jackson gave warmth to the homeless.
Michael Jackson tried to save the environment, but no one came to help.
Michael Jackson was the greatest entertainer ever.
Michael Jackson never lost a game of softball.
Michael Jackson was not only black AND white, he was also Asian and Hispanic.
Michael Jackson was a genius.
Michael Jackson ate friend chicken, so claims Magic Johnson.
Michael Jackson's laugh was actually that of angels laughing. (I think that's what Brooke Shields said.)
Michael Jackson was pure. Completely, and utterly without tarnish, pure. Yeah? OK.
Michael Jackson is going to live, forever.
Michal Jackson will, literally, live in our hearts forever.
Michael Jackson will heal the world.


Daniel said...

dude come on that fried chicken shit was hilarious. why was kobe even there??

Max Nova said...

I think as a society we're a little too obsessed with not speaking ill of the dead. MJ did a lot of good things and a lot of dumb/sketchy/possibly illegal things. Tell it like it is. He was deeply disturbed, and also one of the greatest entertainers of our time.

That said, I'd prefer my own funeral somewhere a little smaller with better acoustics - maybe the 9:30 Club, or perhaps the Warner Theater. Some place that says "Max never sold out."

B.Graham said...

At the same time I don't think a funeral is the proper setting to speak ill, or preach sermons, or stand on soap boxes. I mean his young kids were there, have some respect. Regardless of what he did or didn't do in life, he was still their dad.

Funerals are for the living; let them mourn, and then get over it.