Monday, December 29, 2008

I Wish It Was On YouTube #1

I figure I'd start another little irregular features I'd like to call "I Wish It Was On YouTube." There is a lovely story today on the BBC about a player getting ejected from a game after 3 seconds for a nasty tackle ( This is a new soccer record, and I would imagine a record in all sports. I can't possibly fathom another occasion where a player could be or has gotten booted in the very first play of the game. Even if a pitcher threw at a guy's head, he'd probably get the benefit of the doubt until he hit another guy.

So . . . I wish this was on YouTube, but I imagine since it's such a low level it may never show up. Also, notice the strikers name.


Stephen said...

Holy shit. His name is David Pratt.

Daniel said...

okay, my head just exploded. that's too funny to even put into words.

David Pratt said...

Don't you judge me.