Friday, December 12, 2008


As I hinted to the assembled gentlemen on Wednesday, I don't have emotions, but sometimes I get nostalgic. And one thing I miss is the old Rio Sportsland in Nortern (well all of it was Northern to me) Montgomery County. Back in the day it was an all around fun center. I only remember going once or twice, mainly for the year-end trip in sixth grade, but I remember a roller rink a climbing course and most awesomely - arcade games on really big screens. This was a brilliant idea especially as this was the golden age of one-on-one 2-d fighting games. Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat 2 and both looked fantastic on a six-foot screen. There's no great moral to the post, I just remember it was a great time.

Also awesome - the old Putt Putt/Arcade on Rockville Pike. So many lovely old memories.


Daniel said...

god i miss sportland so much. SPORTLAND-A FUN PLACE.

i wish it was still there every time i drive by and see it's some lame movie theater now.

Stephen said...

All I remember was getting beaned by a baseball in the batting cages there. No fun. No fun at all good sirs.

Ross G. said...

Ah, Rio sportland. How many birthdays I had/went to there as a kid I'll never know. You are right, sir, whatever is there now pales in comparison. Sadly, the golden age of the arcade has waned. But I'll always smile on those times :)