Saturday, December 20, 2008

You Don't Know What You're Missing

So as happens with a project like this, sometimes we start a post that ends up never getting published and instead gets saved as a draft on our blogger account. Occasionally we'll go back, finish, and post the sucker but the past two months have shown that if more than a few days pass that post is pretty much stuck in limbo for good, left as nothing more than a headline for the other writers to see. But I know that Max and I enjoy looking at some of these titles and wondering where the heck they could have possibly gone, and so here is a selection of These Gentlemen draft titles that for one reason or another never made it all the way.

- Sex is Meaningless
- History of the Electoral College, Part 1
- The Day the Earth Stood Stale
- A Little In Joke
- Netflix or Lynch
- Paving the Road to Hell
- The Person Next to You at Shows
- Messiah-Elect Obama

and my personal favorite...
- Good Morning, Go F@#$ Yourself

Though I really hope someone finishes 'Sex is Meaningless' because based on title alone I can't wait to disagree with EVERYTHING in that post.

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