Sunday, December 28, 2008

More SNES Reminiscin'

As much fun as it is reminiscing about Super Nintendo, (and it is,) its actually still a lot of fun to play SNES, which I was doing this weekend. Super Mario World and F-Zero, two of the first games for the system, are still as much fun as they were long long ago. Sure, it'd be nice if F-Zero was two player, and, ... well I really have no quibbles with Super Mario World, it's damn near perfect. I remember playing F-Zero as a kid, and playing it again as I was preparing for my drivers license and I still play it from time to time. Nintendo has never lost this focus, and I'm glad that they have rode out the Gamecube era to their new golden age. A lesser company would have bitten the dust as Microsoft and Sony continued, and still continue, their dick measuring contest, but Nintendo held on and have made something as inovative and fun with the Wii as SNES seemed back in the day.

Ninendo is like Pixar at this point. Sure their focus is on kids, but the product is so good that most of what they make is universally enjoyable. And to whoever worked on that first batch of Super Nintendo games - thank you, the games are still a lot of fun today.

Also a totally random tangent that won't mean much by the time you read this, but with the insanely strong wind in upstate New York right now, the goal posts in Buffalo game right now are leaning greatly to one side. There's wind and then there's WIND. Watching the Bills' kicker send the ball one direction and have it knuckle wide short of the goal post in the other direction, now that's entertainment.


Daniel said...

chrono trigger was a great game for that system as well, no doubt the snes era was a golden age for games. it struck the perfect balance-decent graphics, great game stories, high replay value. games are so real now, sometimes, they don't even feel like games.

Stephen said...

2D scrollers have so much potential on these new platforms. One could make a huge game in the SNES style on Wii.