Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Simple How-To Guide For Getting a Position in the Current Obama Administration: Run for President

Really Mr. Pratt, you missed your shot. Forget 2020, the year 2008 might have been your big chance to break into the national scene. See, all you had to do was run for President in the Democratic primaries, and you could have been hanging with the Obama team in the White House as we speak.

Just this week Bill Richardson went from Governor of New Mexico to future Commerce Secretary. Senator Hilary Clinton of New York will be Secretary of State. Senator Joe Biden of Delaware also got the ultimate treatment after losing the primaries. He's your Vice President-elect. Look at all these primaries losers who cashed in just because they ran for President!

Now, some other democratic candidates took themselves out of the running. For instance, former Senator of North Carolina John Edwards decided he wanted to just end his political career altogether. And unfortunately Ohio representative Dennis Kucinich falls victim to a height standard. I still expect Connecticut senator Chris Todd to get a spot in this cabinet.

Well Mr. Pratt, I think you know what comes in 2012 then. A showdown between you, Obama, and Ms. Palin. Maybe you'll land the Secretary of Defense position once Gates leaves. I wish you luck.

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David Pratt said...

I'm not sure when everyone started referring to me as Mr. Pratt, but I like it.