Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Papers

A few amusing things in the Sunday Papers:

First - Daptone Records!

Second - Writers should write books, Joe the Plumber should not. I agree 100%!

Third - We're not the dumbest generation!

Also, I am going to begin a running list of things not needed during the recession. To begin with:

#1 Lexuses for Christmas
#2 Cadillacs ever. (It amazes me that despite the disgusting smugness of bud light commercials the Cadillac ads are even more smug. The cocky dude from the Escalade Hybrid commercials is so smug he literally makes me nauseous just watching the commercial)
#3 Special edition box sets of mediocre summer blockbusters.
#4 Blue ray versions of movies shot before 2005. Theses movies were not in high def to begin with, stop lying to yourself.

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

"#3 Special edition box sets of mediocre summer blockbusters."

so help you god if youre talking about rambo...

Colm said...

Actual film provides enough detail to, with decent archiving, have HD resolution.


Daniel said...

those cadillac ads make me vomit. and then they act like the prices are in any way reasonable. who the hell can afford that crap?